Fillings differ

Not just filling a tooth but preserving it and preventing its decay later is the reason for visiting our clinic!

It is not uncommon that a patient with just filled tooth asks the dentist «How long will it last?» This is a logical question since we know from childhood that whatever firm is the filling it will fall out. Fortunately, this is little more than a prejudice nowadays!

Not long ago, light-cured composite fillings seemed to be the best response to dental caries. However, this artificial material proved to have a lot of drawbacks: it is short-lived and it contracts, thus, introducing microgaps at the tooth/restoration interface accessible for microorganisms, which reinitiates dental decay. This material is prone to attrition during mastication, which can cause bite problems. Accordingly, it is not used by our dentists.

In our clinic, teeth are restored using natural materials, porcelain, gold, and platinum. We specialize in this approach and have excelled in it. Such treatment has clear benefits. The natural materials are long-lived, ecological, non-allergic, very firm, and are not prone to attrition or contraction. Ceramic materials allow aesthetically perfect solutions, while gold--platinum is firm and reliable for grinding teeth.

In the case of complicated caries (pulpitis and periodontitis), we apply the whole range of up-to-date techniques and tools that ensure successful treatment: laser, endodontic instruments, as well as recent digital diagnostic systems (Kodak RVG and Foramatron D-10) and obturation systems (Thermafil).

The application of gutta-percha together with proven sealants makes possible good obturation of the root canal, which provides for a good curative effect over a long period. The treatment of teeth with inaccessible root canals relies on depot-phoresis of copper-calcium hydroxide. This method makes it possible to preserve hopelessly decayed teeth.

Our clinic uses only high-grade certified drugs, materials, and equipment from best producers. All manipulations are performed under adequate anesthesia. We use imported articaine and derivatives approved for children and pregnant and nursing women as well as cardiovascular patients. To date, these are the least toxic and most efficient anesthetics.