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Open Day
Rational prosthesis
27 Jul

Dentist orthopedic consult on the most difficult clinical cases!!!

Pre-registration by phone 7 (499) 242-12-12

Master Class
Oral hygiene in the home
10 Aug

Dental hygienist will give a master class on dental care and oral health in the home. And also give advice on teeth whitening.

Pre-registration by phone 7 (499) 242-12-12

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Our clinic has an up-to-date operation room meeting the strictest sanitary standards. Our practitioners have expertise in all ambulatory oral operative procedures. All operations are performed under anesthesia.

Our clinic uses only high-grade certified drugs, materials, and equipment from best producers. All manipulations are performed under adequate anesthesia. We use imported articaine and derivatives approved for children, pregnant and nursing women, and cardiovascular patients. To date, these are the least toxic and most efficient anesthetics.

Elective surgery:

  • surgical oral sanitation
  • corrective and reconstructive surgery of dental processes and surrounding soft tissues
  • frenuloplasty and cheiloplasty
  • vestibuloplasty
  • cleft lip plasty

Tooth-preserving surgery:

  • radicular cyst removal
  • apicoectomy

Miscellaneous surgery:

  • exostectomy (removal of bony bumps) and alveolar ridge formation, which allows successful full arch restoration
  • removal of minor benign skin and mucosal tumors or salivary retention cysts. These operations are always accompanied by a histological study
  • bone tissue growth and implantation to compensate its pathological loss using up-to-date techniques

Teeth extraction:

  • is quick, excision-free, and painless using up-to-date anesthesia