Stomatology for pregnant and nursing women

Expecting a baby?

Special programs for pregnant and nursing women.

A popular belief is that dental problems are inevitable in women during pregnancy and after delivery – now it is just a prejudice. Our clinic has developed a special program for pregnant and nursing women to maintain the beauty and health of their teeth.

Why pregnant women should take special care of their teeth state?

During pregnancy, the changes in the hormonal status can shift the calcium balance and lead to dental problems including caries. Caries is a source of chronic infections that may have a negative impact on pregnancy course and child development. Apart from caries, periodontitis and gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) are not uncommon in pregnant women.

Our clinic relies on the dental treatment methods absolutely safe for a pregnant woman and her child. The dental surveillance should be continued after delivery during nursing. Early identification and treatment of caries and periodontitis and professional oral sanitation together with household hygiene will maintain the health and beauty of your teeth.