Dental prevention and professional cleaning

Dental prevention and professional cleaning.

Current prevention efficacy has reached the level when timely procedures guarantee that you will literally never meet a drilling machine. Dental prevention relies on both personal and professional hygiene. Whichever perfect is your personal hygiene, the importance of regular visits to a dental hygienist cannot be overstressed.

Professional dental cleaning is a complex of specific procedures using special equipment and drugs.

In the DL clinic, a dental hygienist will evaluate your oral hygiene index and draw up an individual plan of prevention procedures that may include:

  • professional cleaning using ultrasound, Air-Flow, special toothpastes, and fluoride drugs (in two or three stages);
  • training of tooth brushing and follow-up control;
  • selecting individual oral hygiene tools (toothpaste, toothbrush, interdental brush, floss, oral gargles, etc.);
  • specifying the frequency of professional cleaning.

Fulfilling your prevention plan will save you from expensive treatment and maintain the health of your teeth and gums as well as the whole body throughout your life.