Tooth environment…

Periodontics is one of the most complex and labor-consuming branches of dentistry. Statistical data indicate that more than 90% of population of Russia suffer from one or other gum problem. Periodontitis treatment requires a complex approach, high skill, and solid technical base.

Our clinic performs the following procedures:

  1. Conservative treatment of periodontitis.

    The removal of dental plaque and calculus using the original Air-Flow and Piezon methods (EMS, Switzerland) is painless and non-traumatic. The subsequent treatment involves applications and gargles.
  2. Periodontal surgery

    Open and closed curettage.
    Microbiological study of the periodontal canal contents is carried out to identify the major periodontitis agent and to select the optimal drug therapy.
    Aesthetic surgery of the gingival margin.
  3. Arrest of gingival hemorrhage and inflammation.
  4. Getting rid of bad breath.
  5. Reduction of tooth mobility. Splinting.

The operations are performed with total pain relief in a state-of-the-art operation room with up-to-date equipment.

The following studies can be carried out in our Clinic:

  • Analysis of saliva microflora to evaluate the risk of caries.
  • PCR is currently the most specific and sensitive test detecting single molecules of bacterial DNA. Sample collection is a simple, rapid, and painless procedure; while timely identification of the pathogen helps us to determine the correct therapy.
  • Antibiogram is a study selecting the optimal agent for the maximum suppression of pathogenic bacteria in each clinical case.