Better than your own teeth!

The DL Dental Health Clinic offers all kinds of current restorations and original techniques to provide the best aesthetic result. The Clinic has its own state-of-the-art dental laboratory.

Classical dental restorations

The crowns and bridges are fabricated from chromium-cobalt alloys.

Functional and aesthetic dental restorations:

  • metal-ceramic crowns and bridges including precious metals
  • all-ceramic inlays for microdentistry
  • all-ceramic crowns and three-quarter crowns
  • complex removable orthopedic appliances made of precious metals with locks and telescopes


Our clinic incorporates the fabrication of porcelain crowns based on bioneutral zirconia. Zirconia is even stronger than titanium but has translucency similar to natural teeth, which maximizes the aesthetic effect. Zirconia ceramics have low specific gravity and thermal conductivity, 100% biocompatibility, and high corrosion resistance and toughness. They are not toxic and induce no negative responces.

Dental restorations with implants