We can improve what nature has done

If you are not satisfied with irregular, rotated, or tilted teeth, we are waiting for you! Our dentists successfully solve all problems with maligned teeth.

We offer a wide range of orthodontic treatments including removable and fixed appliances:

For children, we offer retainers, expansion plates, and other (removable or fixed) orthodontic appliances.

For adults, we offer various bracket systems: classical, aesthetic (with the color and translucency of the tooth enamel, which makes them hardly noticeable); metal, sapphire, and combined.

Lingual braces are not visible for the surrounding people since they are placed on the back rather than on the front side of the teeth!

Lingual braces INCOGNITO

The INCOGNITO bracket system is one of the most advanced approaches to malocclusion correction to date. It provides for high treatment quality and easy malocclusion correction compared to the common lingual braces; it can be used for teens and adults.

Where, when, and who developed INCOGNITO method?

The treatment method by INCOGNITO braces has been developed in Germany by Dr. Wiechmann in 2001. The treatment reliability and convenience rely on computer technologies in orthodontics. INCOGNITO braces are fabricated for each patient individually in the German laboratory.

How INCOGNITO treatment proceeds?

Our orthodontist examines the patient's teeth and designs the orthodontic treatment plan. The surface of each tooth is scanned and dental impressions are taken to be sent to the laboratory in Germany.

The laboratory fabricates the plaster cast showing the ultimate teeth alignment after the treatment. Its photography is sent to the doctor and patient to evaluate, and if necessary, to correct the programmed result. After their approval, the laboratory computer creates the teeth 3D model and designs the braces corresponding to the treatment goal and anatomical pattern of the patient's denture.

Then the designed braces are fabricated from gold-alloy.
The braces are sent to our orthodontist, who fixes them on the patient's teeth.

Advantages of INCOGNITO braces over other bracket systems:

  • Braces are automatically manufactured by computer in the laboratory.
  • The predicted and programmed treatment outcome, the ideal tooth alignment, is achieved faster compared to convenient braces.
  • Braces are fixed on the inner lingual side of the teeth, which makes them virtually invisible.
  • Comfortable and nontraumatic treatment and fast adaptation. INCOGNITO braces are more flat and miniature compared to convenient lingual braces.
  • The gold alloy is anti-allergic and improves oral hygiene.
  • Braces cause neither discomfort nor speech impediments.
  • Braces can be used in children and teen orthodontics.

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