Lumineers (Hollywood veneers)

Lumineers, also called Hollywood veneers, are ultrathin (contact lens-like) but very strong porcelain veneers creating an ideal smile without grinding down the teeth.

Lumineers are made out of the Cerinate porcelain patented and fabricated solely by Den-Mat Corporation (United States).

Advantages of lumineers

  • No grinding down your teeth is necessary!
  • Only two visits to a dentist are required: to take a mold and to attach lumineers.
  • Absolutely painless! No need even for local anesthesia.
  • No temporary restorations are necessary. No discomfort during the waiting period.
  • No color changes with time (in contrast to composite restorations and fillings).


  • You just want to improve your smile and to make your teeth larger and whiter.
    Lumineers are the optimal choice in this case since there is no harm to your teeth.
  • Diastemata (gaps between teeth)
    Orthodontic treatment can yield excellent results but not all adults are ready to wear braces or other orthodontic appliances for a year or more. Lumineers offer an ideal alternative in this case. Diastema can be corrected after two short visits to a dentist.
  • Spots on teeth
    Caries is not the only cause of spots on teeth. Another common cause is fluorosis resulting from excessive intake of fluorine and its compounds. In fluorosis, white or yellow spots and erosions appear on the enamel. One more common cause of spots on teeth and their substantial darkening is tetracycline application. Even recent dental bleaching systems cannot correct these problems. Lumineers is a wonderful solution of the problem.
  • Old ugly fillings
    Even up-to-date fillings and restorations made of composite materials can change color with time: they become darker from pigments in coffee, red wine, and berries. Smoking is no good for composite restorations either. Dark fillings look particularly ugly on frontal teeth. Lumineers solve this problem quickly and painlessly. Your smile will remain white over years.
  • Chipped and Cracked Teeth
    Lumineers is a durable and painless alternative to fillings and atraumatic restorative treatments of chipped and cracked enamel. More detailed information on lumineers can be obtained by contacting our specialists.