Dental implants

Vacant place for a new tooth

To date, implantation is the best way to restore lost tooth. Biotechnologies and implantation, in particular, find an increasing use in lost teeth restoration.

What are the advantages of implants over the traditional dentures?

Dental implants look absolutely natural and are hardly distinguishable from natural teeth; it is not necessary to grind the neighboring teeth; and the implantation procedure is secure, safe, and has few contraindications.

What problems can be solved by dental implantation?

A single missing tooth. In this case, no nerve removal from the neighboring teeth and their grinding down to fit a crown are necessary. Several missing teeth in a row. All missing teeth.

Our Clinic relies on well-known and approved implantation systems, and the implant durability is guaranteed by the producers:

Straumann Implant System (Switzerland)

Our Clinic uses dental implants from Straumann (Switzerland), a senior developer in dentistry specialized in dental implantation techniques. The Straumann Institute has developed one of the most secure dental implant systems, and implants of their ITI Dental Implant System meet the highest demands of present-day dentistry.

Advantages of Straumann dental implants:

  1. biocompatibility: the implants are made of pure titanium (grade 4), which is the best material for dental implants;
  2. optimal implant shape;
  3. individual implants for each patient;
  4. durability.

Nobel Biocare Implant System (Switzerland)

Dental implants have been the priority trend in the activity of Nobel Biocare (United States) for more than 40 years.

The quality of the premium-class Replace implants from Nobel Biocare is justly acknowledged all over the world: more than a third of dental clinics and private dentists use the Nobel Biocare system for dental implantation.

Nobel Biocare is the absolute leader among dental implant producers: it holds about 40% of the world's dental implant market. This allows the company to maintain the prices at the minimum level for this class of implants.

The coating of Nobel Biocare dental implants has a unique composition: its structural similarity to the human bone provides for successful implant integration in more than 98% of cases.

Preoperative procedures using the techniques and high-accuracy tools by Nobel Biocare are the least traumatic and invasive for patients.

The highest quality of Nobel Biocare dental implants makes their lifetime almost unlimited providing adequate postoperative care.

MIS: Medical Implant System (Israel)

The Medical Implant System (MIS) has been successfully used all over the world for more than 15 years. To date, the MIS system has the best price/quality ratio in the dental implant market.