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23 Aug 2017 г.
Austrian start-up has developed a completely new automatic toothbrush

Austrian start-up Amabrush launched an automatic toothbrush on Kickstarter that brushes teeth in just 10 seconds.

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09 Jun 2017 г.
CURAPROX Black Is White—Chew it!

Health begins in the mouth—and not just health: freshness and beauty start with an open, confident smile. That’s what CURAPROX, the oral hygiene brand from Swiss company Curaden, stands for. Brand-new for the UK market is its Black Is White activated charcoal chewing gum. Black, subtly citrusy and minty, this effective whitening product boasts four amazing ingredients.

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24 Apr 2017 г.
Mouth-Mate aims to improve oral hygiene and healing after common dental procedures

Armor Dental introduced Mouth-Mate, the world’s first patented dental healing aid device for patients who have undergone oral surgery or other dental procedures to brush their teeth without disturbing the surgical site.

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06 Jan 2015 г.
The mobile application will help control the correct tooth brushing

Press release SunStar announces the imminent release of a special mobile application and a toothbrush with a sensor. The sensor stores the movements that a person performs during brushing, and sends this information to the mobile device. The mobile application analyzes the cleaning process.

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08 May 2014 г.
How often should you visit the dentist?

Routine visits to the dentist — a real rarity for our compatriots. According to a poll on the average Russian is a dentist once in 4.5 years.

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27 Apr 2014 г.
Cavities can be contagious?

Dental caries is the single most common chronic disease in children. In fact, this infectious disease.

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