10 Aug 2014 г.
New materials for prosthetics patients with diabetes

Scientists from Krasnoyarsk offered new materials for the ceramic coating crowns for patients with diabetes and other allergic reactions.

prosthetics for patients with diabetes, a new ceramic coating, crowns on implants, nickel-titanium alloy

09 Jul 2014 г.
Mouthwash Listerine is celebrating the 100-th anniversary

Mouthwash Listerine, invented more than 100 years ago the British surgeon Joseph Lister, is still one of the world's most popular tools for effective oral hygiene.

tooth brushing, mouthwash

24 Jun 2014 г.
OraVerse quickly remove the effect of local anesthesia after a visit to the dentist

Novalar Pharmaceuticals Company received a license to distribute drugs in the United States for the rapid removal of local anesthesia after a visit to the dentist.

local anesthesia, anesthesia in dentistry, restoration of sensitivity, anesthesia in dentistry

08 Jun 2014 г.
The Aerodentis system is a treatment without braces and clear aligners

The Aerodentis system is a treatment paradigm for straightening teeth, based on over three decades of medical research. Suitable for all ages, it addresses many of significant shortcomings of existing orthodontic treatment methods, most notably conventional braces and clear aligners.

Aerodentis, straightening teeth, straightening teeth without braces and clear aligners

29 May 2014 г.
Artificial enamel - a new invention by Japanese scientists

In Japan, researchers from Kinki University are developing a project to create an artificial tooth enamel. New products will be launched in the market in the next few years.

tooth enamel, artificial enamel

08 May 2014 г.
How often should you visit the dentist?

Routine visits to the dentist — a real rarity for our compatriots. According to a poll on the average Russian is a dentist once in 4.5 years.

dental prevention, oral hygiene, professional cleaning

27 Apr 2014 г.
Cavities can be contagious?

Dental caries is the single most common chronic disease in children. In fact, this infectious disease.

caries at children, oral hygiene, pediatric dentist

10 Apr 2014 г.
Nasal spray for anesthesia in dentistry

New spray for anesthesia is now undergoing clinical trials. The second and third phases were successful and soon the drug must be approved by Food and Drug Association. Likely anesthetic appear on the market next year. Allow drug costs without injections for pain in dentistry.

anesthesia in dentistry, anesthesia in dentistry, new drugs for anesthesia in dentistry

28 Mar 2014 г.
Jolly toothpaste from Procter and Gamble

When consumer survey company Procter and Gamble has found that some of the buyers finds toothpastes boring and would like to add a bit of variety and fun for at least a minute or two in the morning.

unordinary toothpaste, toothpaste with unordinary taste, toothpaste Procter and Gamble

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