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Super offer!
For beautiful ladies
01 Mar - 31 Mar

Congratulations to the ladies with the most tender and sunny holiday!

In March, all women receive a 10% discount on aesthetic dentistry: ZOOM whitening, aesthetic veneers and crowns!

Open Day
Rational prosthesis
06 Apr

Dentist orthopedic consult on the most difficult clinical cases!!!

Pre-registration by phone 7 (499) 242-12-12

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Opening days during new year and christmas holidays

Dear visitors!

Please note the opening times for the DL Dental Health Clinic over the New Year and Christmas Holidays:

  • December 30 and 31 — clinic are closed for visits
  • January 1,2,3 — clinic are closed for visits
  • January 7 — clinic are closed for visits

Congratulations on your upcoming holidays and we look forward to DL Dental Health Clinic!

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