05 Jun 2018 г.
Schedule of DL Dental Health Clinic for the summer 2018

Please note the opening times for the DL Dental Health Clinic for the summer 2018.

schedule, summer

24 May 2018 г.
Study shows some toothpastes do not protect against erosion and hypersensitivity

Over the years, more and more toothpastes have been released on to the market claiming to aid with one thing or another—with a particular focus on dentine hypersensitivity and dental erosion. However, in a new study, researchers have shown that, out of nine analysed toothpastes, none were capable of mitigating enamel surface loss, a key factor in tooth erosion and dentine hypersensitivity.

toothpastes, hypersensitivity, dental erosion

27 Dec 2017 г.
Opening days during new year and christmas holidays

Please note the opening times for the DL Dental Health Clinic over the New Year and Christmas Holidays.

holidays, opening days

08 Dec 2017 г.
Novel discovery may help in early caries detection in high-risk children

Researchers at Umeå University in Sweden have made a novel discovery connecting highly virulent types of the Streptococcus mutans caries bacterium and their adhesive function to children with rampant caries and increased risk of dental caries.

caries, early caries detection, Streptococcus mutans

24 Nov 2017 г.
Why we need a global initiative for clean dental implants

Residues on sterile-packaged implants, particularly organic particles from the production or packaging process, are highly suspected of being responsible for incomplete osseointegration of dental implants or even a loss of bone in the early healing period.

dental implants, quality implants, implants

08 Nov 2017 г.
Scientists have created a tool to combat hyperesthesia and tooth decay

In dental clinic, unsatisfactory management of the dentin surface after dentin exposure often leads to the occurrence of dentin hypersensitivity and caries. Current approaches can occlude the tubules on the dentin surface to relieve dentin hypersensitivity; however, the blocked tubules are generally weak in combating daily tooth erosion and abrasion.

hyperesthesia, tooth decay, tooth erosion

24 Sep 2017 г.
Review confirms clinical success of Nobel Biocare’s TiUnite surface

A new systematic review and meta-analysis has provided evidence confirming the efficacy of Nobel Biocare implants with the TiUnite implant surface. The study, by Prof. Matthias Karl of Saarland University in Germany and Prof. Tomas Albrektsson of the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, analysed patient results from 106 peer-reviewed publications on prospective clinical studies assessing TiUnite surface implants.

Nobel Biocare, dental implants, TiUnite surface

08 Sep 2017 г.
Vaping potentially as harmful as tobacco cigarettes, study concludes

Results of a new study have suggested that electronic cigarettes could be as harmful to health as tobacco cigarettes.

vaping, tobacco cigarettes, cancer

23 Aug 2017 г.
Austrian start-up has developed a completely new automatic toothbrush

Austrian start-up Amabrush launched an automatic toothbrush on Kickstarter that brushes teeth in just 10 seconds.

oral hygiene, automatic toothbrush, toothbrush, Amabrush

24 Jul 2017 г.
Kickstarter campaign funds manufacturing of jaw anti-clenching device

Entrepreneur Brock Predovich is working on a novel product that is supposed to relieve bruxism. Earlier this month, his Kickstarter campaign exceeded its $10,000 goal, which means that the device, BruxRelief, can now be manufactured.

anti-clenching device. bruxism, BruxRelief

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