DL Dental Health Clinic — reasons which determine a successful outcome

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The DL Dental Health Clinic was founded in 1999 with the participation of a leading German dental health center. To date, we offer the best in international dental care --- advanced techniques coupled with the unique experience and skill of medical practitioners.

Our priority is the maintenance of the optimal dental health and beauty in a comfortable, friendly, and relaxing environment. After visiting the DL Dental Health Clinic once, our patients remain loyal to it over years. We highly appreciate this confidence, and we have everything to justify it.

The Dental Health Clinic is equipped with up-to-date diagnostic and treatment facilities including a state-of-the-art operation room and a laboratory for crown and veneer fabrication.

The dentists and dental mechanics in our clinic are not just unique and skillful experts but also a team offering comprehensive solutions to problems of any complexity. This approach at the DL Clinic made it possible to develop and successfully use original techniques providing for aesthetically perfect results for each patient individually.

Dental care at the DL Clinic widely relies on the experience of best dentists in Germany, Switzerland, and United States and introduces new advances in dental care and restoration as well as in prevention of dental diseases.

It is not uncommon that our patients do not realize the progress in the methods for care, maintenance, and restoration of teeth, periodontal tissues, joints, and muscles supporting the jaw as well as for treatment of diseases directly or indirectly related to dental health (snoring; head, back, neck, and arm pains; etc.). The advances in current dental techniques and the results of their application can be aptly called fantastic.

Isn't it fantastic that tissue engineering allows us to grow bone tissue from patient's blood cells to regenerate his/her periodontal bone tissue!

Isn't it fantastic that the patient's bone dust can be collected with a special device and reused to promote osteogenesis!

Isn't it fantastic that the unique material of dental implants developed by ITI Straumann is biocompatible with the human bone!

And these examples are just a minor fraction of the recent cure and restoration techniques that are ingeniously used at the DL Dental Health Clinic.

At the same time, it is equally important that the modern methods for the prevention of dental problems are so powerful that the patients with a responsible attitude towards their health can keep their teeth in nearly perfect condition with no need for treatment.

The DL Dental Health Clinic will help you to enjoy health, beauty, and comfort over years, and your time at the clinic will be easy and friendly. We were waiting for you to come!